Monday, April 3, 2017

Soon Time to Decorate those eggs.

It is almost that time of year where the newest of Easter Egg creativity is unleashed! Well I hate to disappoint you all but I do not have the time nor the patience to make those beautiful intricate eggs that many love.

Sorry 🙁

I love the good ole Easter egg dye kits and may venture into the natural dye zone this year to change things up a bit.

Some of the basic kits that should be available and that I have used in the past are...
PAAS Egg Decorating Color Cups - I have used these before and are perfect for easy clean up and color identification.

PAAS Egg Decorating Kit - I have used this several times and it works well! 

Here are some eggs that my family and I have Decorated using both PAAS Cups and PAAS Basic Egg Decorating Kits!

Another method of decorating eggs (which I think gives the best color) 
is using Food Coloring!
If you take a look at the chart below you can see that there are several options if you purchase both the Mccormick Assorted and Neon Food Color boxes! 

Here are some of the eggs we have created using the chart above and both boxes of Mccormick food coloring.  Using the food coloring always has given us to most vibrant colors 😄

Being that I plan to try the natural method this year I will be reading up on some ways to dye eggs naturally and I have stumbled across some great blog posts that provide some great information and tips!  

I hope you enjoy decorating those eggs.. I know I will, wearing my silly bunny slippers to keep in the Easter Spirit!!! 🤣

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