Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review... Shout Laundry Color Catcher

Yet again I have found myself being brave!! I tried the Shout Color Catcher Laundry Sheets as a sample in a #PINCHme box.   
I am a stay at home mom of teens so I have a lot of time on my hands so I do take time to sort the laundry... but I am also teaching those teens to do their own laundry so these can be very useful at the present time. 

Okay now onto the results...  I threw whites, dark colors and light colors all in the washer and set the water temp to warm 😨... when the bell went off I slowly walked to the washer in fear that I possibly destroyed an entire load of laundry to try something new I got in the mail.... BUT to my surprise that little gem worked as it said it did and caught all kinds of colors🙌 They are now on my shopping list and will be used when the kiddos are testing their laundry skills! Thanks PINCHme and Shout for the fantastic sample!! 

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