Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review of..... Marc Anthony Strictly Curls

Us girls who live in Florida and other humid states know all too well that curls and the humidity do not mesh well. There are many battles that I have fought and lost, but not anymore! 

I recently tried Marc Anthony Strictly Curls after cutting my hair short... which I may be regretting 😐 and was pleasantly surprised that it actually kept the curls in my hair after a long day at Epcot. Not one single bit of frizz... now please keep in mind it is not touch proof and if you have curls you know what I mean... having curls stay means hands off when it is humid out, which is all the time here! 

 I was brave that day because I did not take a backup hair tie in case of major frizz and was thinking as I walked through the park if I should just go and buy some to be safe. I am truly glad that I did not need any 😍

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