Sunday, March 19, 2017

PINCHme... Yay For Sample Tuesday's!!!

Well it is catch up time and I figured it was time to give PINCHme the spotlight!

They are famous for their #SampleTuesday which is held every 2nd Tuesday of each month. 

Usually, just before 12.00 PM est they hold an unboxing event LIVE on Facebook. The unboxing event shows what great products and coupons you have a chance of getting in yor PINCHme box if you qualify for one that month. There are many people that get discouraged that they did not get a box that month or maybe for as long as 2 months... that is a mistake! It is always better to be grateful rather than bitter my mom would say. So even though I did not receive a box for March no biggie there is always next month! 

Here is what I received inside my December PINCHme box!!
This is what came in the November PINCHme box
Well I got 2 boxes for November because I guess not everything could fit into one box but my Tinkerbell sure was happy because this time the box was for her! She really did enjoy her Zukes Treats!!

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