Sunday, March 19, 2017

Intex Purespa Hot tub review

Hubby and I purchased an Intex Purespa Hot Tub from Walmart last week. To be honest we were a little worried that it was going to be a bust because in all seriousness how well can an inflatable hot tub actually work?

The set up was easy and required no tools that were not already included in the box. The hot tub fully inflated in less than 5 minutes and I was happy to see that it was not some cheap grade of material, but it was, in fact sturdy enough for me to sit on the side and not cave with the weight.

Here is a picture of what the Intex Purespa Hot tub looks like fully inflated with the locking cover on.

Once the tub was filled with water it took about 16 hours for the temp to rise to 104, we wasted no time and jumped right in. After about 10 minutes the temp dropped to 102 but it was still pretty warm. We stayed in for two 30 min bubble cycles and the temp was at 98 by the time we got out.

When it comes to retention of the heat, if left on the heat will automatically shut off once the desired temp is reached and come back on as needed. We left the hot tub off overnight for about 12 hours and shockingly it retained a good amount of heat with just the cover on. It only dropped to 87 deg and recovered back to 104 within 2 1/2 hours once we turned it back on.

As for the power of the bubbles you will not be disappointed! I found that this inflatable hot tub was more relaxing than the two hot tubs that are offered for use in my community, so guess who is no longer going to be seen there!

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