Friday, March 17, 2017

Found another great site to try new products!!

I have discovered the site Daily Goodie Box about 2 weeks ago and it is great! They give out various boxes of some fantastic samples daily... hence the name #DailyGoodieBox you better your chances of getting one of these boxes if you participate in some of their offers, and a good bit of the offers do not cost you a thing. Another way to increase your chances of getting a #DailyGoodieBox is to participate in their social media posts. 

I was one of the lucky ones last week that were able to score a Daily Goodie Box via social media interaction. 

Don't forget that after you have received your box in the mail you are expected to leave an honest review for EACH product you got within that box!
 For me that is where some of the fun starts to begin! 

If you would like to try and score one of these fantastic goodie boxes of your own go to the link below!

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