Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Saturday evening in Magic Kingdom

Yesterday we decided to venture over to Magic Kingdom instead of sitting in the house most of the night watching tv. So hubby set up Fast Passes for Space Mountian, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Thunder Mountain. Now usually we do the Splash Mountain, But the last time I got soaked and was freezing for the rest of the night.... and it was not a happy time!

 It has always been a debate weather to take the monorail or the ferry boat over to the park but this time I won and we took the boat 😊

As usual, because we never expect to take forever to get into the park we had to rush to make it to our first fastpass at Space Mountain. So of course, we flew through Main Street but made sure to stop and take a pic. 

As we finally made it to Tommorrow Land the first thing that came to thought was that we needed to fill the popcorn bucket before we went in so we would have something to snack on while we waited but, to no avail the line was crazy long and there was no chance of getting popcorn and making it to our fastpass on time. 

We made it to Space Mountain in time and I swear they made it go faster this time, and as usual I tell the kids that I am never getting on it again.... but always do 😎

Being at the end of our fastpass window we were able to go right to the Pirates of Carribbean, with our empty popcorn bucket in tow 😩

ARRRR.... once that fun was over the need to fill the popcorn bucket was dire and we zipped off to Frontier Land to get it filled with the most delicious maple popcorn! A Must try if you haven't! 😁

After grabbing handfuls of this fantastic treat it was time to go to our final fast pass at Thunder Mountain. As always hubby tried to periscope that adventure but due to lack of connection that was a bust. Once we were off the ride we found that our maple popcorn was gone and ventured back for another refill. 

Of course the foodie adventure never stops there, and hubby wanted to go to the Bakery on Main St. When we got there, the line was outside the door 😦so I had to remind a very disappointed husband that there is a bakery at Disney's Boardwalk. So we left Magic Kingdom and headed there. 

 Thankfully there was no line and we went right in and ordered our treats. They were all delicious of course, but we were tired and ready to go home! 

I consider us to be very lucky to be able to have the Disney Platinum Plus Passes and be able to go there whenever we like and with it only being a short 40 min drive from home, we find ourselves going often and up until now we have had no one to share our adventures with!!

I am sure there will be many more to come and I hope that you look forward to reading about them and maybe join us!