Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A day in Future World.... Epcot

Yesterday we decided to head over to Disney's Epcot but stay in the Future World area this time and give the Flower and Garden Festival booths a break 😉 We made sure this time to get our popcorn bucket filled immediately.

As you can see we opted for the Cheddar (which is not my fav) 😝 Once we had our bucket filled and everyone but myself had their fingers covered in orange, we all headed over to check out our good friend Figment!

After our visit there it was time for our first fast pass, which was for Test Track. Along our way we stopped to check out the Beautiful butterfly garden.

Once we made our way to Test Track we of course enjoyed making our own personal vehicles. Hubby and myself created one, the girls did their own and of course my son had to make his by himself. Well we all had a great laugh at the girls car and swore that it was not going to perform well! I bet you guys all know how that turned out! They beat everyone elses car 😀

Video of our ride on Test Track From Instagram

The Girls Car

Our Car

My sons Car

Once that fun was over we had some time to just wander around so we went and took some pics around Future World. 

We couldn't help but make a quick stop at Club Cool and try some different Coca-Cola Flavors. My absolute fav has and will always be Bibo!

After Club Cool it was time for our next fast pass to The living Seas. No matter how old the kids get they always really enjoy taking that clam shell ride into the main aquarium area. But for me the aquarium area is where the magic is 😍

Video of Sting Ray visit

After spending quite a bit of time there we went to the main area near Fountain View AKA Starbucks to watch the water show and take some pics before it was time to go to our last fast pass of Spaceship Earth.

The time had come for us to go to Spaceship Earth and to end our day. 😞 We seem to always end our days at Epcot with Spaceship Earth everytime we spend the day at Future World. For me it is a relaxing way to venture out of the park with a little reminder of our history.

I am not sure which Disney location we will be at next.. have not planned that yet. Maybe if it is warm enough we can do a water park or maybe the Oak Trail golf course. Then again I have not been to Disney Springs in a while and lord knows those Creps at Aristo Crepes are calling me!    Until then.... HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!!! 


  1. Wow, I've never heard of this Disney Park. Looks really exciting though! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. I've never been to Disney World but I have heard of the Epcot Centre and I've always wanted to visit. The Future World area certainly appeals to me.